"questions are never indiscreet, answers sometimes are"

(Oscar Wilde)

What kind of substrate should be mixed with 'Supersoil | 4 Components'? The substrate to be used to mix DogmaOrganics?

We recommend to use earthy substrates with no fertilizers added or sintetic nutrients. 


Do you have 'to cook' the Supersoil | Dogma before using it?

The Supersoil | Dogma is ready to use but you can moist the mix and cover it for let it rest 12 to 18 days in a cool place without light, this is the best method for activate all  these nutrients and the micro life that it generates. 

Once the Supersoil | Dogma has been "cooked" how I have to do if I see white mold devoloping on a the surface of the soil?

Be happy about it! These are mycelia provenient of noble molds, it growns thanks to the decomposition of the bacterias that are in the organic components contained in your Supersoil | Dogma, the are the sign that the bacteria microlife its activating perfectly. 


Can I irrigate my plants only with water the wole process?

Your not pre-fertilized soil mixed with 'Supersoil 4 components' and transformed into Supersoil | Dogma is able tu support the nutritional needs of your plants for the entire duration of the cultivation cycle. The organic concentrates of the product are especially selected to release their nutritional properties naturally gradually in every stage of its life. 


In case my plants seem demanding more nutricional help, can i supplement with adiccional nutrients?

In case of plants with high nutritional requirements, or small volumes of soil, its possible to use the 'Topdress Flo'. Its also. A concentrate of organic powder that provides more nourishment. 

The product is applied by spreading on the surface of the soil and then it gets wet normally allowing the gradual dissolution. 

We don't recommend other nutrients to use with Supersoil | Dogma.


When do you recommend using the 'TopDress Flo'?

We recommend using 'Topdress Flo' only when the plants have a visible deficiency.  The range of application differs according to the especies and varieties we grow. 

'Topdress Flo' its designed to provide more specific nutrients for the flowering and fruiting phases. 

In proportion of the volume of soil in wich the nutrients are made, its enough to use product every two or three weeks during the flowering/fruiting phase for both potted and ground plants. 


Do we recommend to use osmotic water growing with Supersoil | Dogma?

Water its the fundamental ingredient of our plants, the higher the quality of the water we have, the less will be the necessity of the osmosis water. In case wich you have particularly hard or basic water, we recommend adding a porcentage of 20 or 30% of osmosis or distilled water. 


Its necessary to control and correct the ph growing with dogma organics products?

The Supersoil | Dogma once prepared, has some components that perform and important 'self-buffering' action that allows the ph to be self-regulated. 

In extreme cases, like hard water with high pH, we recommend a minimum natural type action. 


Does the word 'organo-minerale' in the label indicate the presence of elements with 'mineral-sintetic origins?

Absolutely not! 

The term 'mineral' declares, among the various components, the presence of some precious rocks (minerals) such as zeolite, dolomite and azomite. 

DogmaOrganics products are composed exclusively of raw materials with certified origins, these are subjected into strict controls to verify the complete production chain and guarantee their origins. All. Raw materials are allowed in the organic farming. (Ec regulation 834/2007)


When do you recommend using 'Zeolite Pure10' for antifungal prevention?

'Zeolite Pure10' is pure micronized Zeolitite rock with 100% Italian origin. 

The size of the material its so thin it can be administrated though foliar nebulization, it acts by depositing a rock adhesive patina on the aerial part of the plant conferring resistance properties against fungal pathogens. 

We recommend using it fron germination to the middle of the flowering phase. 


Can i also supplement by administrating compost tea?

Of course, our 'EcoBiobooster' its the right product for this purpose. 

An explosive mixture of bacterial microvita to optimize the absorption of the main nutrients. Supersoil | Dogma its a completely organic growing substrate very vital, although it is already present in large quantities within the for components, adding microbateria can only benefit th microbial activity present in the substrate.


Can I add mycorrihizae and or trichoderma to the Supersoil | Dogma?

This is already present in abundance in our concentrates but we never discouraged the addition of helpful microorganisms, they can strength the microbial and fungal structures already present in the soil.